The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

The Nutter – The Next Generation Of Bicycle Multi Tool from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Recently shot and edited this video for Full Windsor. Promoting the release of the highly successful Kick Starter project – The Nutter.

Needless to say this was a fun one to work on…

We had two days to shoot as much as we could. We had planned out a rough idea of how we wanted the video to flow.

We wanted to get a selection of different cyclist using the tool to show the tools diversity.


First location: Nottingham University, shot of Alex on a fixie riding through these interesting buildings.


Riding through Wollaton Park

The Nutter Bottle Open

Bottle opening shot.


We went to this location and was just going to film on of us riding through the terrain. We did a few shots, it wasn’t all that interesting, then this downhill rider turned up. He had all the gear, and was a pretty damn good on a bike. He didn’t mind being filmed so we ended up getting some awesome shots…


GoPro mounted to his helmet to get a first person point of view.


Heli damage. I flew it into my head. This being the first accident I’ve had with it. Flying it in a dense forest is hard enough as it is.


City scene, a girl attaching the tool to a Brooks saddle.


The finale. James riding through the country. He had some really nice riding gear and bike setup, perfect. We also got really lucky with the location. We hired a car and drove north out of Nottingham. I picked a road on Google maps that looked appropriate. We got there and it turned out it was a closed road!! We couldn’t believe it. 3km of empty road. So we took full advantage..

The Nutter Car

Sitting out the window with the seat belt wrapped around my leg. Flying the heli like this was a lot of fun.


One of my favourite shots.. the weather was perfect this day too :)


The final shot, the heli comes up through the trees to reveal the logo. I really liked how this came out.

Overall this was a great project to work on. It’s surprising how much you can get done in only a couple of days. A big shout out to everyone that volunteered to be in the video too!