SnowSport DVD Production/Premiere


So after three months of hard work the time arrived to finally show everybody what we had been doing. Me and Alex had one final push to get the DVD completed before Trent students broke up for Easter holidays. It was quite a stressful time as there was still a bit to get sorted. Alex was working on getting all the artwork ready to print and I was working on setting up the menu system for the DVD. We finished it all by the Sunday evening and had the master copy of the disc sent via next day recorded delivery (Royal Mail Style) on Monday.

The discs were produced by vponline, a small company up in Scotland. The turn around was very quick. He managed to get all 100 discs sent back down to us by Friday morning. I highly recommend using them if you need any discs duplicating.

Below are a few shots of the DVD artwork. We got dual sided cover prints and clear cases so when you open it there are a couple of pictures on the inside. The DVDs were thermal printed which means they are water resistant and better quality.




We had arranged for the screening to be the following Monday at a bar in town called RIDE. The only way we could get all 100 discs up there was with Alex’s huge rucksack.


We laid out the discs on the table football, ready for people to come and collect them. We connected the projector to my laptop and got the sound up and running.

DSC_8807 (2)


And then it was go time. It was quite intense, there was about 60 people there and I had no idea what their reactions would be… But it all seemed to go down very well. It was odd because I had to remind my self that they hadn’t seen any of this footage before, where as me and Alex had watched it about a million times. I wish that I could have recorded everyone as they watched it to see which bits were more engaging etc. This would’ve helped me the next time I made a video like this…


Over all this has been one epic project! Its easily the most work I’ve put into any one thing. I’m super pleased with the final result, Its been great working closely with a graphic designer, his input has been invaluable.

The only question is do I do this again next year.. who knows, the thought of doing it all again makes me feel a little sick right now but maybe things will change…