Parallel Lines


A few months back Simon at Tribe came to me with a cool brief. It was basically to produce two lines that flow around in a 3D space. It would be used as the background on a holding page for the company Parallel Pictures.

Simon did the design and Ben sorted the code.

The site has recently gone live! Below is a screen grab of the finished holding page. Hereโ€™s a link to the site (It may have changed).

More on how this was done after the breakโ€ฆ

I created the lines in 3Dsmax by first producing a spline then changing its angle so it created an interesting path. I then created a long cylinder and applied the path deform modifier and told it to follow the spline. I duplicated the cylinder and off set it slightly. I set up a camera and made it move forward to give the lines more depth. I played around with the rendering methods to get the desired effect.


Below is the first test where I added a slight transparency to the lines. The reason they are colourless is because I took the rendered images into After Effects and applied the colour then. This allowed for greater flexibility.

clear 2

I also rendered out a z-depth pass that I originally planned to add to the above render for a depth of field effect. It ended up that I actually colourised the z-depth pass and used that as the final video.

I also added a slight blur and grain effect. I added a black vignette over the entire video so the edge of the flash movie could blend in with the black background of the website.


Below is the rendered video from After Effects.