GoPro Custom Pole Mount.

GoPro HD HERO Camera: Snowboarding with the Pole Cam Mount from GoPro on Vimeo.

With my recent Purchase of the GoPro HD Hero I’ve been playing around with new filming techniques. One of the most interesting is attaching the camera to a pole and have it facing the person in control. This has been done before (see video above) so I wanted to spice it up a little. I set out to find something that would be appropriate. I found a shop on eBay that sells 2cm diameter by 1m length acrylic rod for around £10 inc delivery.

Below are a couple of shots of the finished mount. I used a old bike handle grip and the mount I made earlier in the year. If you cant be bothered to build your own mount, the gopro handlebar mountworks a treat.  Over all I’m pretty happy with how it came together.




Here’s a few bits with the pole in use.

Magic Floaty Cam from Rob Antill on Vimeo.


If you make one of these, I would love to see some stuff with it, just drop a link below…

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