Concept Exhibition Stands 2 & 3.

modern chairs

Past couple of days at Tribe I’ve been busy working on the last two exhibition stand concepts. Tracey who works at tribe again came up the floor plan and style. Simon provided me with the graphics that are on each vertical panel.

The first stand is based on three different styles you might find in home, Modern, Classic and a Hall Way. Tracey gave me a rough idea of what she wanted in each section. It was my job to create the furniture to match the style. This was the first time I’ve modelled chairs like this. I was a little apprehensive at first to whether I could do it. I nearly decided to just down load some chairs of the net. But I carried on and cracked it in the end. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.. They’re not perfect and improvements could be made on the texturing but I just didn’t have the time to tweak them any further…

old chair wire blendModern chair wire blend

Below are some renders with the chairs in place. Over all I’m happy with the results.

Old-Chairswood chairs

Below is the other model I created. Not as complex as the above one but complete none the less.


I have noticed again a huge improvement in the speed en-which I can produce a piece of work like this, which is a good thing because today I was under a great deal of stress to get this finished by the evening. With out the practice and time spent learning as many short cuts as possible I know it would have taken me a lot longer!

Any questions just comment below..